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"She is all there for the rag and committed to the grip so I am very thrilled with her. Barb"
Barb "Shiloh" Casch X Queen -

"THESE puppies are a lot more fun than your run of the mill puppies. LOL"
Robin "Riot" Jill X Kaos -

"there is no other breed for me. i got another really good one. tom d."
Tom 'Gretel" Gobi X Liedo -

"Molly, A man from NY, just called to inquire about GSDs. I sent him to you. Told him to have complete trust in your program and dogs produced. "
Phyllis - -

"anything about healthy dogs being bred anywhere? - try Molly Graf at - perhaps she can help - she is very honest and easy to work with - tell her i sent you Sincerely, Tim Cruser "
Tim Cruser -

"Nice pup! Bounce, bounce, bounce!! lol Yeah she is so adorable and happy! Thanks. Molly sure can breed dogs! Barb"
Barb "Shiloh" Queen X Casch -

"Perhaps I should visit Molly more often so everyone doesn't have to hear about the same litter over and over. My experience with the breeder when buying Tia was so much different. My experience with ANY other breeder has been so much different."
Robin "Riot" Jill X Kaos -

"Thank you everyone for your nice comments. We absolutely adore this pup and I think "breeding" shows. Our other GSD's were all good dogs, loyal and loving and protective and smart. This pup is different"
Diane "Qodiak" Laika X Ero -

"Hey Molly, Just wanted to drop a line to once again say how pleased I am with Phoenix. She's really, really nice. Everyone at the club is impressed with her, the helpers really like her. She's a blast to work in obedience and bite work. I think our tracking is getting better, too. "
Jackie "Phoenix" Eagle X Jill -

"Just got home and dogs still in car. Shiloh was a big hit. Sent Ronnie the video and he loved it and her J Was a really nice day. Shiloh was into everything and everyone and had a blast, Barb"
Barb "Shiloh" Queen X Casch -

"My opinion you are one of the better breeders and have very impressive GSD's. You do an excellent job! "

"Just got in and she is just fabulous! Came out of the crate biting and latched on to the lead and did not let go. Already love her to death. Nice big boned girl with blocky old style head which I totally love. Going to try to get to training at least for bite work tomorrow to show her off. Barb"
Barb "Shiloh" Queen X Casch -

"Hi, I picked up Tyr (CaschXQueen)on Saturday from Molly, his offical name is Shadow, but I'll actually call him Tyr after the German god of war. I plan to start training him as soon as he's old enough. I made my first scent box today for him. Thanks Molly he's everything I wanted in a GSD! Tim"
Tim "Tyr" Queen X Casch -

"Yesterday I was at the GSD of Greater Washington D.C. obedience trial and specialty show. I felt like it was Eichenluft day. Gabi was there with Gesa, Hazel Mosely was there with her young male. Molly, if your ears were burning it was because you were recommended over and over again as a wonderful breeder that stands behind her dogs and does it right. "
Beth -

" I would be honored to own and train another E-Pup for SAR work."
Sue - SAR handler "Quest" Adra X Sid -

"I couldn't ask for a better dog!"
Jen "Gracie" Eagle X Aika -

"What you get, when you get an Eichenluft pup, is a large extended family."
Jen -

"Eagle is my boy from Molly, he is the best, most honest, most sound and healthy dog I have ever had! "
Debbie "Eagle Jr." Eagle X Enni -

" I think you can see the smile on face as he works with Quasy. No pictures yet but I am very impressed with his tracking drive. He pulls me to the flag - he is already strong! - and then is calm and very intense about finding every piece of food. I then have to drag him away from the tracks.I just love everything about this little guy!!"
Glenn - Quasy (Laika X Ero) -

"Quasy is doing great - I think he has a bright future!!"
Glenn "Quasy" Laika X Ero -

" Banshee will be 3 at the end of this month, yet it is hard to remember what life before her was like. "
Shannon "Banshee" Eagle X Cora -

"Get your dog from a breeder who matches the dog with your lifestyle. In any litter there will be the real active have to work puppies and then the more laid back puppies. When I contacted Molly and she knew what I was looking for, she choose junior for me. He has awesome drive, would go all day and I know if I had one ounce of competitive nature in me, would do very well in Schutzhund, but he is also the biggest cuddle bug, momma's baby, and the most honest dog I have ever owned. I think the biggest thing is finding the proper breeder! "
Debbie "Eagle Jr" Eagle X Enni -

"Hi Molly Well I must say that I love Quasy! At this stage he is everything I could hope for. He is bold and outgoing, nothing seems to faze him. He has fit in so smoothly here, quiet at night, no accidents in the crate. Yesterday at training he came out and immediately chased after the rag with a nice strike and then a nice re-bite. He carried the rag so proudly!! He also let fly with a barking tirade when the big dogs were working. When he wasn't barking he was working the crowd visiting everyone and just having a good ol' time. The past 3 days I have laid out multiple scent pads w/bits of food scattered. I then walked him near them - he immediately caught the scent and pulled into the pad. He calmly sniffed out every piece of food. I then laid 2 10 ft long tracks that he slowly went down getting every piece - impressive for his age and for the first time. I am having soo much fun with him!! I will keep you posted on how things are going. Glenn"
Glenn "Quasy" Laika X Ero -

"I'm currently in Lexington,VA. Helmut is TD for the CCI* Preliminary 3-day. I'm working in the office as the competition secretary. We brought Cody along, had to and he has been wonderful, right now he is exhausted, but absolutely amazing withall these new things coming at him non-stop. We are amazed at him."
Diana "Qodiak/Cody" Laika X Ero -

"Well we made it through our first day. Quasy is doing fine with all the changes in his young life. He is outgoing, not afraid of anything so far. His check-up was perfect - in great health - the vet commented on his great temperament. I had him to the park today -up/down the jungle jim stairs - on leash of course- with no hesitation whatsoever. We walked over all types of surfaces, across a bridge -no problem. He explores the backyard as well as the house without hesitation. I will take him to training on Sun. I am very pleased with him and know I will be even more so after training on Sun. I will let you know how it goes. Glenn"
Glenn "Quasy" Laika X Ero -

"We get compliments all the time on how beautiful he is. That he is and more. You’ve bred a WONDERFUL puppy who will provide us many, many years of love and enjoyment. Thanks again for all your helpful advice thus far, Molly. You’ve been a great source of information for us. Sean, Kelly and Blitz Martin "
Sean and Kelly Martin "Blitz" Laika X Ero -

"I can hardly wait for you to see her again, Molly. What a incredible dog! So smart, so fast, so full of drive and energy. You'll love her, I'm sure."
Jackie "Phoenix" Eagle X Jill -

"Phoenix is an awesome dog. I'm very fortunate to have her. She has a very solid temperament, is stable and friendly. She's also very dominant and strong willed. I wouldn't trade her for anything. I couldn't ask for a better pup, a better personality, and in my opinion, a more beautiful pup than her. Jackie"
Jackie "Phoenix" Eagle X Jill -

"The puppy seems to me like the best Sch propect I have ever seen. She just goes and goes . . . incredible really!"
Chris Laika X Ero puppy - -

"with gretel, at one year old, i have had a lot of fun with her already and know her well enough now to know that i made a good choice in my new dog. i really like her; charming personality, smart, responsive, and a quick study. she elicits so much attention in public i might have named her "constant comment". "constance"?"
Tom "Gretel" Gobi X Leido -

"I want to mention that my vet was very impressed with Cody. She asked a lot of questions and in a few minutes will be emailing her your website address. "
Diane "Qodiak" Laika X Ero -

"I've done my research on workingline breeders, and feel confident you are the breeder I would like to go with. I love that you obviously care about your dogs, very passionate about the breed and your opinions (noticed that on the database), work and title your own progeny, continue contact and support to your puppy buyers, etc etc....."
Allison -

"after reading all the good things the "G" gang are doing with their training,with regards to the owners hangin in there,i realize i'm slipping w/the Grizz, so i get him with a man to dog talk and tell him all about his siblings and what they are doing,i look in his eyes as he looks at me,and yes i think you can communicate with a dog this way,he says: i'm w/you 24/7 ,i obey you when i want to, i play ball as long as you will, i greet the customers that come to the shop,scare half of them,i walk w you,in the woods, i sit,stand, down,stay when you tell me,until i get tired of it,i can track until i figure this is enough,i heel,ride in the trk. and i love bite work,even if its not right sometimes,and now i'm tired so i think i'll lay here at your i guess the only thing I can brag about is i have an EICHENLUFT dog and proud of it,he's my buddy. sorry it's so long but Grizz wouldn't shut up Ken"
Ken "Grizz" Eagle X Aika -

"Mojo is doing awesome! If I haven't told you lately, I love, love, love this dog. Thank you. Jen"
Jen re: Mojo (Hawk X Jill) -

"Hat's off to the folks here who have shown Sch GSDs that have worthy, correct GSD temperament. Molly, you have been producing this kind of temperament for years and have the formula down. Your dog V-Eagle is a perfect example of what a correct GSD should be and his Sch performance is excellent, proving himself to be a top Sch competitor many times and yet a stable sound family pet. He proves the point that one can have their cake and eat it too when it comes to having a very top Sch performer and a great family pet living in the home 24/7."
Preston re: EAGLE -

"Thanks Molly. I think she's quite a looker, and very smart too. She's one excellent pup, IMO. Jackie "
Jackie "Phoenix" Eagle X Jill -

"Payson earned her TD today (Vex Vom Eichenluft CGC, RN, OA, OAJ, TD). This is my first tracking dog. "
Lynn "Payson" Arrow X Vien -

"Anyways, Phoenix is 20 weeks old today! She's fabulous, as perfect as she can be!"
Jackie "Phoenix" (Eagle X Jill) -

" I decided when I saw you on the list and read your comments that I wanted to buy a dog from you. It just tickles me to be surfing around and see the dogs with v Eichenluft behind their names. You've really built a reputation and produced great dogs. I find that I use that as a measure of what I want to be in the dog world. I'd settle for being known as the person with the wonderfully trained (and beautiful) dogs that are good ambassadors for the breed. I just wanted to let you know."
Robin -

"... I am so proud of her! I dont mean to brag her up too much but she just seems to have the natural ability to retain everthing she is taught----it amazes me! Thanks again, Molly for such a wonderful and very smart puppy!"
Donna "Numa" Eagle X Aika -

"Hi Molly, I got Kieran's hip dysplasia certifcate. As I expected it just says that he does not have radiographic evidence of hip dysplasia. Signed by the Assistant Professor, Radiology, Ontario Veterinary College."
Bev "Kieran" Eagle X Aika -

"I have been to Molly's more then a few times. For group training, private help, picnics, tracking and just being there. The time spent there is NEVER without dogs. I love it, my dogs love it. I would love to have as much time to spend with my dogs as she spends with hers. She always has time to help me when I come up no matter what the problem. I count myself lucky to know her, be able to learn from her and have a dog from her."
Laurie "Var" Eagle X Easy -

"Thanks Molly. She is a great addition to our family. I love her to pieces. She is so smart and learns quickly. I am very happy with her. Thanks again. Donna Numa vom Eichenluft "
Donna - "Numa" Eagle X Aika -

"Quest achieved first place in cadaver detection at the USPCA scent-dog competition, and also certificate of achievement presented in front of 50 K9 handlers. Congratulations Sue. It's so refreshing to see that "nice guys" (or gals) finish first. You and Quest as a team are the shining stars. Most impressive. Everyone on the list should know that Sue is so cool and Quest is such a super German shepherd. Just seeing their work/demo and shooting the breeze with Sue is worth the price of admission to the e-party. The only bad part is that Sue is so modest it takes a while to get her to tell about the amazing things they've done. This is well deserved recognition. Major props to Sue&Quest, Steve"
Sue Keenan "Quest" Arrow X Sid -

"very nice,Jackie!! I can tell she is growing! She looks like such a smarty puppy. I mean that in a good way. I have been thinking, Numa has always had really good attention since I got her home and her retrieve is great also.I think Molly breeds these traits into her pups. Makes for easy training for the new parents. Thanks for producing some awesome pups,Molly! Donna,Baron and Numa "
Donna "Numa" Eagle X Aika -

" Phoenix is very sure of herself. Her confidence is astonishing. Jackie "
Jackie "Phoenix" Eagle X Jill -

"Molly and Kandi, just thought I would share what Deven told me after class last week. She was asking where I got Munch. She said she was wondering because he was the nicest German Shepherd she had seen in a long time! There is another GSD in my current class. She is a bundle of nerves. I am not sure how those wobbly back legs carry her around. Wanda "
Wanda Shavis "Munch" Hawk x Jill -

"She is the sweetest little girl, a true wild child but so bright and eager to work and learn. I am amazed at her ability to pick up things so quickly. She has super play and retrieve drives but will work well for food or toys, loves to tug, play ball etc. She is my first dog that likes to actually play so this is a treat for me. I'm doing agility with her and she has had one session of puppy classes to teach the obstacles. She loves everyone she meets and is very good with other dogs. Good traveller and good in her crate. Hates being in her x-pen and tends to scream there so we are working on that - nope she is not perfect :))) I'm so grateful to Molly for allowing me to bring her into our lives "
Pat Satio - "Kahlua" Hawk X Jill -

"Happy birthday to Eagle! He turned 4 today. Hard to believe because most of the time he acts like a goofy, silly teenager! I'm taking him out to Salt Fork State park for a hike/swim today and on the way home he gets to stop and get some evil chicken mc nuggets! He is an awesome dog...a true tribute to Mollys breeding program! "
Debbie - "Eagle" (Eagle X Enni) -

"There is a VERY NICE Eagle son in my schutzhund club that got his BH in October and should get his schutzhund 1 sometime this year. His name is Dokken vom Eichenluft. He's also a house pet and great with kids. "
Cathy Magnussen re: Eagle -

"Just wanted to let you know I had a nice compliment from a gentleman at our club who said Lobo was one of the nicest showlines he's ever see actually do the work in schutzhund. Yeah!!!!! sheila"
Sheila "Lobo" Gobi X Aiko -

"Leia's doing great, she really is incredibly intelligent and very affectionate. She's turned out to be the ideal dog for our family, thanks Molly. "
Mike Mahler "leia" Eagle X Xaviera -

"I'm Debbie and I have Blackthorns Eagle...aka junior who is a Eagle-Ennie baby. He is black, ball crazy, his Mom's best buddy, and I can't imagine life without him! I know any Shepherd I ever have in the future will be a Molly pup! "

"Molly, You have every right to be proud. You put a lot into your breeding program and follow through with the extra support, training and guidance. I, and I think everyone else on this list, thanks you for that. Joan "
Joan -

"Hi Molly, He really is a great puppy :) He definitely loves the snow. He's getting big, I'll send some pics this week. If ever I get another German Shepherd, it will be from you, and if anybody asks, I'll send them your way. He's very stable, and his concentration is awesome. Thanks, Stephan & Laralyn"
Stephan re: "Grim" (Eagle X Aika) -

"I had the opportunity to meet Eagle last year. He is a spectacular dog! I fell in love with him immediately. -- Terry and Brooklyn Dillsburg, PA"
Terry re: Eagle -

"Molly, were your ears burning today? Armin used you as an example today that spoke very highly of his opinion of you. There was someone there today that got frustrated and then angry with his dog for blowing him off on the blinds, and Armin talked to him afterward about learning to let go of the anger and move on, because it doesn't do the dog any good to get angry. And then he said (pointing toward me because I was wearing my Eichenluft t-shirt) that you will never see Molly come off the field and curse/yell at the dog or be angry at the dog or go get a new dog -- that instead you take it all in stride and realize that there's a bigger picture involved, and that's part of why you can then go back out at the next trial and have a good trial. That's a high compliment in my mind. And I wanted to pass that on. Shannon"
Shannon re: Molly recommendation -

"I am proud to know Molly, have one of her dogs and learn from her. I truly respect her knowledge and experience and appreciate her willingness to share. Having her recognized for her good sportsmanship doesn’t surprise me. She is a good role model for all of us. Joan "

"This truly goes without saying. I’ve been around this sport for 25 years and people of the ilk of Molly are few and far between and getting fewer, believe me. This is not faint praise coming from the likes of me either. J Jim B. Who, along with wife Betty, have one e pup and are about to have 3. "
Jim Baldwin -

"ok...I will add my compliment. Thinking so highly of Molly, at one time I was too nervous to even train in front of her. I would go to her club, at the time she trained with Kirby, and they'd invite me to get my dog for obedience and I would be like "nah...I will just watch". It is her bad days on the trial field and smiling through them that gave me the courage to get out there too. :) I know it is weird, but it really is a compliment....."
Kandi Jacopino -

"Gracie certifed for her TD!! I've said it before but I'll say it again, thank you Eagle, Aika and Molly for our great girl! Jen Gnade vom Eichenluft, CGC "Gracie""
Jen "Gracie" (Eagle X Aika) -

"Just got back from vets with Kahlua. She did x-rays and there are no signs of pano. But the really, really good news is her hips look fantastic!!! Nice round balls and good shaped sockets - sitting nicely. They did them with no sedation and vet said she was very good. They think she is a wonderful dog - great temperament, is beautiful and now good hips!! I would estimate that if they look like this for her OFA's she would go Good at the least - might even squeak in an Excellent :))) "
Pat Satio "Kahlua" (Hawk X Jill) -

"OK, now for my brag. Last week Dakota got certified in AKC tracking. That means she had to track an AKC judge’s TD track and has to pass in order to enter an AKC tracking trial. We used a park that had soccer games all over it the night before, plus a guy came out and walked right across the whole field. There was some litter laying around and the grass was sooooo short, patchy and dry. This was our first truly blind track with no food drops. What an awesome feeling to just read your dog and trust your dog. We tracked right over the cross track, (not even sure where it was, Dakota just stayed on course), across the main soccer field and through an opening in a fence. Unbelievable conditions and Dakota did it and did it well. the judge was very impressed with Dakota and said she thought she could go all the way in AKC tracking. It was the Schh style of training tracking that made it possible with those conditions. Thank you Molly for teaching me and helping Dakota succeed. "
Joan re: "Dakota" (Eagle X Kobra) -

"Hi Molly, Nevada seems to be getting adjusted really fast. He's such a good puppy. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to have such a great puppy :) Thanks, Stephan & Laralyn"
Stephan re: Nevada (Eagle X Aika) -

"A dog like Kobra is a treasure and a challenge. One would be proud to have a dog like her and be a good enough handler to allow her to be herself while doing what we ask. A dog with a personality like hers speaks volumes about her handler's talents. Jackie "
Jackie re; Kobra -

"Hey Molly, I just wanted to tell you that Doc and I received our BH on Sat. Thank you so much for Doc, I can not even explain how much I love this dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kevin Girvin "
Kevin Girvin "Doc" (Eagle X Kobra) -

"saw one of your offspring get their BH today-- Kevin Girvan's dog ( Eagle and Cobra) -- looking good, Molly . hope all is well Muffi"
Muffi re: "Doc" (Eagle X Kobra) -

"For the past few weeks I have been using Var to help my friend work with aggressive dogs. The first time I brought him out the behaviorist handled him (I had my baby along with us) and was pleased with how confident and not reactive he was to being barked at. She couldn't say enough good things about his temperment and training. The more times we worked Var the more impressed she is with his temperment. She started to ask me about Molly and her kennel and her dogs and schutzhund. He is so steady and confident. Thank you Molly (and Eagle and Easy) for my most awesome and fun pup. I can't tell you how much having a dog with a good temperment means to me. Not to mention opening the very cool sport of Schutzhund to me. He is my bestest, most handsome dog in the world Laurie & furkids Chaya, Zander, and "Var" Ingvar vom Eichenluft, CGC "
Laurie - Ingvar "Var" (Eagle X Jule) -

"Dear Molly, Thanks so much for giving us so much of your time and introducing us to your dogs. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and your dogs and as Boyce told you we talked about them all the way home! What really impressed me the most about your dogs besides their structure was the way they allowed us to handle them. They were confident well trained dogs. And Eagle, well what can you say about him! There aren't enough words. He exudes confidence. I would love to have watched him worked. Thanks again for taking us in on such short notice. You made our day. I will be getting in touch with you soon to talk to you some more. I'm sure you have questions about this person who shows up from Tennessee. Best Regards, Tuli Ross"
Tuli Ross - visitor -

"I'm pleased and proud to advise you that Haska vom Eichenluft UDX aka Java has been invited to The AKC Invitational Obedience Trial Dec. 1 & 2 of 2007 in Long Beach, Ca. The obedience part of the Invitational is for the top AKC working dogs in the nation. In order for this invitation to be extended the dogs must hold the Utility Dog (UD) title, and have exhibited in numerous obedience trials in the Open B and Utility B classes. The "X" after the UD in her name indicates she has qualified in ten or more Open B and Utility B classes. Obedience Trial Champion Points (OTCH) points are awarded to the dogs placing first or second in the Open B and Utility B classes at each obedience trial. 100 points are required to earn the OTCH title, and Java is just about half way home. The top 5 from each breed are invited to the invitational yearly depending on the number of OTCH points earned during the past fiscal year. Thank you for breeding Arrow in 2000, and for providing such an intelligent animal. Now it is Haku's time to rise and shine. Hazel"
Hazel Mosely "Haska" Adra X Orkan -

"and another thing, Mojo took his first bite on the sleeve last night!!!!!!!!! Hit it like he meant it, and like he knew what he was doing! I was so excited I almost wet myself. He's soooo cool Molly. I can't wait to 'show' him to you. "
Jen Craver - "Mojo" Hawk X Jill -

"Thank you Molly for the 3 wonderfull GSD's you have placed in my care. Two from your wonderful breedings and 1 fabulous rescue boy!"
Wanda - Loki, Malachi, Pascha -

"I'll echo that - Kahlua is the perfect choice for me too. She has fit into our lives so well and Killian adores her (well most of the time that is ) She is so darn smart and cute - I'm having lots of fun puppy training again. Its hard to believe they are already 6 months old. Pat"
Pat re: Majik "Kahlua" (Hawk X Jill) -

"Want to say thanks tonight, the 6-month old birthday of the M puppies to all four "participants" for their efforts to bring me Mojo. He's only been on the planet for 6 months, and with me for 4 - but I can't imagine a more perfect puppy for me and my life. So, thanks to you all. Craver"
Jen re: Mojo (Hawk X Jill) -

"omg, she is absolutely stunning, molly. she just takes your breathe away. this is no small thing for me to say, but if i ever bought a dog, i would want one of yours. nancy"
Nancy re: Kobra (Adra X Xito) -

"Walcko.... who by the way is a very nice dog. Toni has his obedience looking real good. Tracking was a little fast but plenty of drive for the work. I like him alot. Molly produced a real good dog. Mike"
Mike Diehl re: Walcko (Eagle X Cora) -

"We just celebrated Mighty’s 6th birthday and began to think about you. We have been just thrilled with Mighty. She is wonderful with our two young girls and is a great watch dog. She seems to just love living on the farm and tries hard to keep the kids and the horses under control for me. Curtis and I are interested in getting a second puppy from you. Will you have any puppies available in the near future? Please let us know. Thanks, Denise Rine "
Denise, Mighty (Bodo X Gina) -

"I saw Kobra at a seminar a few months back, working in OB and PR and I would have no hesitation buying a puppy from this female, titled or not. It was a beautiful sight to see - power, speed, and intensity in every exercise."
Yvette re: Kobra -

"When I die I want to come back as one of Molly's dogs. What a life! "
Jen Craver -

" I'm Debbie from Ohio and I have Blackthorns Eagle...aka Junior who is a backdoor E pup! LOL! He is an Eagle x Ennie son. He is the light of my life, is my best buddy, my fearless protector and the collector of every ball, stick, rock, blade of grass,piece of paper...etc he can find to bring to Mom to throw for him! He and I do fun obedience, tracking and agility, his Mom isn't very competitive any more! LOL! I'm sure you will love your E pup as much as I do! There will never be any shepherd in this house unless it's an e pup! "
Debbie "Eagle Jr" Eagle X Enni -

"I'm a relatively new e-pup owner with Kahlua (Majik out of Jill x Hawk). Kahlua is 21 week old now (or thereabout ) and the joy of our lives. You made a smart decision."
Pat Satio "Kahlua/Majik" Hawk X Jill -

"She is a real joy to train - she is so eager and fun and she will work as well for a tug toy as for food which is great (and new for me). Pat "
Pat Satio "Kahlua" Majik (Jill X Hawk) -

"Mojo did his first bitework session on Tuesday night with a little unaffiliated training club, did really well - Julio was very impressed and the helper called me the next day to make sure I knew I was invited back out and he really like Mojo's potential too! YAY!"
Jen Craver "Mojo" Jill X Hawk -

"Gesa 18 months, earned her 2nd leg for her CDX title. This weekend we had dog shows to go to. Gesa was only entered on Sunday for her second try in Open. She did a great job and placed fourth out of 15 dogs entered. There were some very good working, Goldens, Shelties and Labs entered, she managed to hold her own against them. People were amazed a dog so young would be performing so well at that level. She is pretty smart and a very adapt pupil."
Gabi - "Gesa" Eagle X Aika -

"I can't wait to show you Mojo. He's a perfect monster, and I love him more than I can tell you."
Jen "Mojo" Hawk X Jill -

"I will tell you what Pedro said about Lola at our last training session. Pedro said that her focus in obedience was getting good. In her protection work, Lola was targeting the sleeve very well and giving him good, calm, full grips. "
Steve Igyarto "Lola" - Gobi X Aiko -

"Gesa was entered in her first AKC Open A class today. Gesa earned second place with a score of 190. Needless to say, I am very proud of her. Several people came up to me at the show today and mentioned what a good working dog she is. One man told me she was rock solid on her exercises and stays. The judge said, he really liked my dog and she should do will in her career."
Gabi "Gesa" Eagle X Aika (16months old) -

"Hi Molly, This is Stephan. Laralyn and I visited you this past Sunday and put a deposit on the Aika v Eagle pup, and would like to say thank you for letting us tour your facility and dogs. We really liked the care you put into all your animals. we're happy we went to visit you. Eagle and Aika are excellent reps of the breed. Thanks Again, Stephan & Laralyn"
Stephen - future owner of Eagle X Aika pup -

"Well, Eagle II just passed his CGC on Sat. He was the perfect student! The evaluators loved him. One of them said he even put her dogs to shame."
Rita - Talon (Eagle X Cimba) -

"May 30th Quest and I received another award for the Search in Jersey City. Women in Law Enforcement Organization (Female Officers from all Law Enforcement backgrounds) had a seminar and then a dinner and gave out awards after. We received an award for Meritorious Service In Recognition of our outstanding efforts to New Jersey Law Enforcement. All the top law enforcement brass were there ( Prosecutors, Head of the State Police, FBI Employees.)"
Sue - Quest (Adra X Sid) -

"OK Molly how much did you teach Kahlua before I got her? This little girl is incredible - its like she was born knowing commands."
Pat - Majic "Kahlua" Hawk X Jill -

"Molly several people said what lovely structure she has, how bright she is - super focus and alert and said she must come from good lines - really nice well deserved compliments for you. I think her sweet face wins them over and then when they see how bright she is, they like her even more :)) Thank you again for letting her be a part of our family. She is a real joy and I am having such fun training her already. "
Pat - Majic "Kahlua" Hawk X Jill -

"Hey Molly! Mojo is fantastic! I'm sure you're not surprised to hear that. I just adore him. He does run me ragged - but we're having lots of fun. LOTS! He learns everything so fast, he knocks my socks off! thanks again. I love my little boy. :)"
Jen - Mojo (Hawk X Jill) -

"Hi Molly: couple weeks ago i said i wanted to surprize you, now i will.Grizz PASSED his A.K. C. CGC test today!!!!!! HE is the first GSD. that i ever did anything with (had GSD for 55 yrs.) and i am so PROUD of him, now we go for more,i know the boy can do it , if i can, Molly , i'm glad i got to know you , AND again THANK YOU and EAGLE & AIKA for GRIZZ!! GRIZZ & KEN"
Ken - Grizz (Eagle X Aika) -

"Molly - Today marks the fifth anniversary of your allowing me to become Mystic's mom. She has been a wonderful pet. She's happy (I think), and well adjusted...except for those unauthorized dogs that wander across the back forty! She is a great dog, and I love her dearly. Thanks again for letting her share my life. Kay Hartzell"
Kay - Mystic (Bodo X Gina) -

"He does seem to know when to be serious i.e. in stores etc. He even blew off folks reaching out to pet him as we went by in Home Depot the other day, which is perfect to not get distracted. Like I said his focus on me is fantastic, in the office he will play with his toys while I work, but always watches me while doing so. If I hand the leash to Helen and move away he screams. I use my old dog Apollo as the gold standard of what I like in my service dog, and so far Lex is exceeding those expectations."
Fred - Lex (Eagle X Aika) -

"Mojo is nothing but trouble these days.. :D into everything and suprising me almost every day with how strong he's getting. I love him to bits. :) jen "
Jen - Mojo (Hawk X Jill) -

"What a great dog! Molly, I've said this a bunch of times before, but you breed exceptional dogs. Thank you again for miss Banshee."
Shannon - Banshee (Eagle X Cora) -

"I saw Kobra working in Obedience and Protection work at a recent Ivan seminar. Her obedience was fast and crisp. Her bitework was intense. Nice bitch! Yvette"
Yvette re: Kobra v Eichenluft -

"Very, very nice looking dog. I got to see him in person for the first time at a seminar in VA and he is sight to see. Congrats on the FH2. Best wishes for a happy retirement for Eagle and many little Eaglettes that he will hopefully sire. Yvette "
Yvette re: Eagle v Eichenluft -

" Molly this little girl has stolen our hearts really fast - she is the cuddliest little pup. She loves to be held which is fun for me. She can go tearing around the house like a whirlwind and then come and cuddle for ages. She is also trying hard to not be as mouthy but getting her to leave the shoes alone is another story :)) Its easier to hide them. Thank you again for letting her come to us. Pat"
Pat - Majik (Hawk X Jill) -

"Yep. Just like Pyke, you described her to a tee. She is wonderful. Wearing out Mari, though. Isn't it wonderful that I'm at work :) She is exactly what we were hoping for. Thank you so much, M & M"
Mike - Maja (Hawk X Jill) -

"I temperment tested the "m" litter for Molly. You are getting a real "spit-fire"! Lots of energy, biting (and not letting go!), and carries the ball and does head tossing to "kill it!" You and she are going to have alot of fun! -- Leslie Horton, R.N. Animal Assisted Care Coordinator Inova Fairfax Hospital/IHVI/IFHC"
Mieke - Hawk X Jill -

"It is interesting. I went to the 2005 NA just to watch and have fun. There was one person who was willing to talk about her dogs and what was going on the field. That was Molly. "
Chuck "Ike" Eagle X Enni -

"This truly goes without saying. I've been around this sport for 25 years and people of the ilk of Molly are few and far between and getting fewer, believe me. This is not faint praise coming from the likes of me either. J Jim B. Who, along with wife Betty, have one e pup and are about to have 3. "
Jim Baldwin "Eclipse" Eagle X Enni -

"I am proud to know Molly, have one of her dogs and learn from her. I truly respect her knowledge and experience and appreciate her willingness to share. Having her recognized for her good sportsmanship doesn't surprise me. She is a good role model for all of us. Joan "
Joan "Dakota" Eagle X Kobra -

"Hi, I hope things are going well in PA. We have been showing agility this Spring and Payson finished her NA (novice agility standard ) title Saturday. I thought she finished the NAJ (jumpers) Sunday but was mistaken. She only needs one more qualifying score. She is doing really well, we are just clicking on course except still some problems with weave pole entries. She had her first Open Standard Run Sunday and ran a perfect course except the weaves which failed us. Sunday she had clean runs in both Novice Standard and jumpers with first place in both. "
Lynn "Payson" Adra X Vien -

"Thanks again - we love her already!! Pat"
Pat Satio, Majik (Hawk X Jill) -

"Molly, I hope all has been well. Ava is getting so big!! She is just such an AWESOME dog!! She is so smart and has learned so much in such a short period of time. She's crate trained, housebroken and already knows several commands. She is great with everyone she meets and always greets them with hundreds of kisses. She is quite the little princess and she apparently knows it. A very well behaved, balanced dog .JUST GREAT….. THANK YOU!!!! Craig Caceci "
Craig, Minka "Ava" Hawk X Jill -

"Ok so I am now at my moms kenel and Mystique (9 weeks old) has been running around the training building and guess who has now figured out the tunnel, dog walk, and the Aframe. I about died when I turned around and she was standing on top of the Aframe. Molly, my mother just absolutly loves her. And she wanted me to let you know that you really produce nice pups! Carol "
Carol, Mystique (Hawk X Jill) -

"Well I can’t say enough good about my little buddy! What a fantastic working dog and companion/family dog. He is definitely what I was looking for. I am going for my BH in late spring and a goal of a Schutzhund 1 in the fall!!"
Kevin Girvin "Doc" Eagle X Kobra -

""Lex" assistance/service dog in training Sorry it has been so long since I last wrote. It has been pretty busy here. I attached a couple of Lex Pictures. He is doing real good, I am really pleased with his temperament. He stays pretty focused on me. Again Thanks so much, he is perfect so far :)"
Fred Forrest "Lex" Eagle X Aika -

"I know Molly's dogs, and know that I won't have anything but one of hers. If I have to wait for several litters till she might have a more mellow puppy, I will be willing to wait. I think what is the most important thing is finding the right breeder and totally trusting that breeder to pick the right puppy for your circumstance! "
Debbie "Eagle Jr" (Eagle X Enni) -

"Gesa qualified again today, now has two legs towards her CD, score 187 "
Gabi, Gesa (Eagle X Aika 15 months) -

"molly, mino is knock out beautiful !!!! he has the personality and brain to do anything i could ever want him to. you breed an amazing dog !!!"
Gus and Mino (Eagle X Aika) -

"Today, April 23rd, Gesa earned her CD, Companion Dog title. her score 191.5. She did it in three shows in a row, with scores 191, 187 and 191.5. This month she has earned two titles, TD and a CD, I am so pleased with her. Now it is on to Open and a TDX. Will start competing in Agility next year."
Gabi, Gesa (Eagle X Aika) -

"Gesa earned her Tracking Dog title today. The trial was held by Oriole Training Club at Fair Hill, Md. The weather was cold for a Sunday in April. There were 10 TD tracks, 7 dogs passed. In all, she worked very well, there was a unsettled moment when some deer went crashing in the woods. Gesa became very distracted and wanted to give chase. It took a while to get her back in tracking mode. She then finished her track without any real problems. Gesa is 1 year old."
Gabi, "Gesa" Eagle X Aika -

"I know you'll understand what I mean - we knew we'd "like" her - but we had no idea how much we would LOVE her, and she us. It is overwhelming sometimes, in a really good way. She has completed our lives in ways we never dreamed. We are so tickled with her and by all her cute antics! Jen"
Jen "Gracie" Eagle X Aika -

"I gotta thank Molly again... For Var who has been a joy to have around (not without some puppy "badness" ) He is EVERYthing I had hoped for in a pup. He is smart, social, strong, steady, loving, trainable and let not forget good looking. At 11 months he is showing the potential to be a great agility dog for me, he is already a treasured part of my family. I can't say enough good things about him. "
Laurie "Var" Eagle X Jule -

"Everyone’s pictures of their dogs are really magnificent. I would name names but don’t want to leave anyone out. They are ALL great, handsome, beautiful dogs and I have been enjoying all the pictures. Molly breeds not only beautiful dogs, but ones with solid structure and brains too. That’s way I have a GSD and not the Collie I was looking for. The Collie breeders seem to be so concern with only the head, that they forgot about the rest of the dog. Thank you Molly for all these wonderful dogs. Joan "
Joan "Dakota" Eagle X Kobra -

"Hello Everyone! As of today, Griffen is now a certified Delta Pet Partner Therapy Dog! He excelled in his evaluation today! He scored several 2's; only 2 1's, which means he just missed a complex rating....not bad for a dog just barely over 1 year old and can't find his feet under his body yet! The other evaluators and people could not get over his age and how well he did! They talked about it all day! FYI, Aura will recert in March of next year as she is also a Delta dog. She tested at 1 year of age and also passed! Molly sure can breed 'em! Thanks, Molly! Leslie"
Leslie, "Griffin" Eagle X Aika -

"These dogs of yours just have so much personality - I love it."
Carol Davis "River" Quin X Iwo -

"Hey Molly, Just wanted to say that you have a few fans down here in NC. (USA Judge) Floyd Wilson was at the trial today and talked about how much he appreciated your breeding practices and the dogs you produce, said he'd buy a dog from you any day of the week. "

"Hi Molly, I hope you are well. I am back in the saddle with Scout and she is doing great. She is ready now for the BH this spring and summer for SCHI should be no problem. She basically learned adequate form on the jump and incline in one night.. I know everyone says this about their dogs but she is truly exceptional. "
Dave, "Quik aka Scout" - Adra X Sid -

"Nikki is a wonderful dog and we are really enjoying her. She has adapted without a hitch. Her tooth came out around the first of this year. Thanks for advising me to wait on it. Thanks again for such a fantastic girl! She is such a delight to have around!"
Ilene - Nikki


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