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breeder bio for Eichenluft working German Shepherds

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Molly Graf grew up in a military family, moving frequently and traveling throughout the US and Europe. Animals were always a part of the Graf family, including a tri-colored Collie named Angel, with whom Molly spent her first 14 years. As a young adult, Molly's constant companion was a Shepherd mix who was smuggled into Wilson college with her and then accompanied her after graduation into her professional life as the manager, riding instructor, horse trainer, student host of local Foxhunting, show groom, and horse transportation of Randolph-Macon Women's College Riding Center in Lynchburg, VA, then Sugar Hill Farm in Crozet, VA. In 1996 she started her own Pet-sitting, dog training and boarding business in Charlottesville, VA until 2004 when she moved to Carlisle, PA, her current home. In 1992 she became interested in the sport of Schutzhund when her dog club hosted a Schutzhund demonstration. Molly immediately bought her first German Shepherd, Ayla V Haus Cruser, whom she trained to the Schutzhund 3 level as well as several AKC Obedience and Tracking titles.

In 1994, Molly made the decision to purchase a top quality working German Shepherd female from the Netherlands, Xinerobella V Tiekerhook, "Ike". Ike became Molly's foundation dog for breeding top quality working German Shepherds under the name vom Eichenluft Working German Shepherds. Three of Ike's puppies were bred, raised and trained by Molly, and went to the National Schutzhund 3 Level. One phenomenal son, V- Eagle vom Eichenluft Schh3,FH2,KKl-1, was 25X Schh3 titled, FH Champion and multiple-time National-level competitor, also earning a spot as member of the 2004 American FCI World Championship Schutzhund Team! Molly raised Eagle from a puppy and earned all of his titles as her "HOTB" dog - Handler Owned, Trained/Titled, and Bred.

Molly Graf's vom Eichenluft breeding program has become one of the top known and respected names of working German Shepherds in the United States. She is dedicated to breeding top quality puppies from European-line, Schutzhund titled, health tested parents. Vom Eichenluft is one of the very few breeding programs in the US whose dogs are never bred without working titles, following the accepted test of breedworthiness for the SV (German) breeding requirements. Molly Graf is also one of the very few breeders in the US who actively works her own dogs, raising her own puppies to earn their working titles and breed surveys. The main goal of her breeding program is to breed superior quality puppies from proven and titled parents. Vom Eichenluft dogs have high intelligence, excellent temperament, outstanding athletic ability, and strong and healthy bodies. They can be titled in Schutzhund and other dog sport, K-9, SAR, Agility, Obedience, Service K9, Police and other working activities. These talented pups also make incredible family companions who are wonderful with children!

In 2006, Molly bred her first German Show line litter. She soon started importing German Show lines for her new vom Heulenluft breeding program - beautiful black & red dogs who are Schutzhund titled, breed surveyed, hip/elbow rated and of outstanding temperament, nerve, structure, health and drive for working. Molly's goal with these dogs is to breed excellent quality German Show line puppies, which are known for their social temperament, intelligence, beautiful structure and pigment, and ability to work! These pups make wonderful family companions for children as well as adults!