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Eichenluft German Shepherds HOT Tournament

Eichenluft Kennels
Carlisle Area, PA
Phone: 717-776-5110


adradrive.jpg (46749 bytes)

hotzeke.jpg (36351 bytes)

'Driving Miss Adra'

Zeke SchH1 obedience - 2nd place SchH1

adraguard.jpg (52810 bytes)

zekedrive.jpg (41103 bytes)

Adra - SchH2 HOT Trial Champion

Driving 'Zeke'

adraheel.jpg (36500 bytes)

zekeguard.jpg (46635 bytes)

Adra in the Open Obedience Tournament, (1st place)

'Zeke' Guarding Helper in the Blind in SchH1 Protection.

adrahighsch2.jpg (44682 bytes)

zeketransport.jpg (49416 bytes)

Adra High SchH2

'Zeke' in Side Transport

adrazekekids.jpg (44637 bytes)

coyote.jpg (48255 bytes)

Adra and Zeke hanging out with the kids

Molly meeting another Texas native.

hotarrow.jpg (32804 bytes)

kids2.jpg (56160 bytes)

Adra in the SchH2 obedience

During the trial week, Adra and Zeke did a school demo for 4 yr. olds -

yorkie.jpg (57176 bytes)

Ash and Zeke meet a Texas native (boy, look at that dog aggression in these
vicious SchH dogs!)