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Molly tracking Isha (Bandit x Nova), in the early morning fog

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"Kougar has been mine from 8 weeks old, he lives in the house and is my constant companion. Although I have made many mistakes in training, he has been able to rise above them, and through living with him and training, I understand the incredible personality and strengths he possesses. Tenacious, resilient, happy, absolutely devoted, protective of home and property, aloof with strangers, yet gentle with children and uncommonly handsome for a dog of his color, I am very proud of him, and will admit that any mistakes he makes are not his, but are mine, and his triumphs a tribute to the genetic strength and character that he mirrors from his great sire and grandsires -"
L. Hough re: Kougar v Eichenluft -

"Just want to let you know that the "big white envelope" came today from OFA regarding Viking. Elbows normal. Drum roll please..... Hips EXCELLENT. Great job Molly, thank you for a special dog. Diane and John Viking Epic Cody and Spirit"
Diane and John - Viking v Eichenluft (Adra X Jack) -

" Hi Molly Here's a couple pics of Raider on his birthday. He is wonderful, very smart a true joy to work with. Thanks again! Bonnie & Joe Petajnik "
Joe Petajnik - Raider (Gobi X Aiko) -

"Dear Molly, Looking g-o-o- d... Isen and Darcy. another fine pup from your breeding out there on the field looking good and exhibiting fine fine work."
Muffi Waldman re: J-Isen (Eagle X Cora) -

"This puppy is amazing. She plays with a soccer ball that we have. When we roll it to her she runs after it and jumps on it. The momentum from her running makes her flip right over the top of the ball. She's hilarious. We are really enjoying Kasi. It took her until last night to sleep all night. It appears that we are going to have a lot of fun with Kasi. She is a special part of the family. Thanks again, Charles and Amanda Raynor"
Charles, Kasi (Eagle X Aika) -

"hey molly, this little guy so far is amazing. i have never seen a puppy at his age never have an accident. i also agree with your temperment assesment, he's confident as hell. we already are madly in love with this puppy !!! thanks for listening, gus"
Gus, Kosta (Eagle X Aika) -

"yeah, i'm really happy with her progress. i can definitely see how this sport becomes so addictive. i just spend the entire three hour drive home going over what we worked on, the things joe said, the way banshee responded to different things he did, and how it's all going to fit in to the bigger picture later on. what's cool is that she's this beast on the training field, but when we get home she's just banshee again, running around with her jolly ball, prancing and wagging. and getting in my lap on the couch, and wanting her tummy rubbed. i have to say again, Molly, that you couldn't have picked a more perfect puppy for me than Banshee. Shannon "
Shannon - Banshee (Eagle X Cora) -

""as I travel from coast to coast I am always pleasantly surprised when I judge a dog in the trial and I see the entry has the kennel name Eichenluft on the score sheet. Your dedication to the German Shepherd Dog is exemplary and the results of your breeding program are wonderful. I have been plesantly suprised at the structure and working ability that your program has achieved when I have judged dogs with your kennel name on them" Mike Hamilton USA Judge #22 "
Mike Hamilton, USA Judge -

"I would listen to Molly's advice. She is pretty wise ... of course the last advice I followed from her was "Come on Kate ... follow me" and it was 2am in the middle of no where and I was running after her in my slippers holding my flashlight chasing a porcipine. What was I thinking!!!! Ha Ha - It turned out well though. No quills in our bodies and she did get a picture! Love, Kate"
Kate Austin -

"went to range today to shoot some rifles,took my boy GRIZZ along not knowing what to expect,had 2 GSD that were gunshy,hard to get them over it. by the time i got to shoot he was right behind the firing line ,playing and just acting up never showing any signs of being scared of the noise, went walking, should say running he never walks, Molly's energy dogs,out to get targets. this went on for a few hours never no fear of gunfire.really made my day for i am a gun collectorand like to shoot.another big plus for Eichenluft dogs.Thank you Molly for the breeding., Ken @ Grizz"
Ken, Grizzly v Eichenluft Eagle X Aika -

"Hold on to your seat Molly....ready for this... Joe put him on the Intermediate sleeve!!! Yes, you read correct. Joe's arm in the sleeve and everything!!!! All the other people there said, "that just shows his NATURAL ability". I now believe that Dugan will fill Ando's "shoes" in the work. I feel that he can be my next personal protection dog AND my very first SchH dog. Joe had to force himself to stop working Dugan and give the other dogs a chance. He says that Dugan is his Father's son and shows the same aggression as Eagle. You could just see the gleam in Joe's eyes and face while working Dugan. He couldn't say enough great things about Dugan's ability and spoke very highly of Eagle and you. He said straight out in front of everyone, that by far, Eagle is the best natural tracker he's ever seen. He went on to say that when Eagle tracks, if he ran into a "stump", he'd keep his nose down and barely sway his head/nose to pick up the track again and off he'd go without problems. He said like the other dogs, they would sway way off the track to figure out the problem. Thought you'd like to hear that. Brandi"
Eagle v Eichenluft and son Dugan v Eichenluft -

"Thanks Molly! Thanks so much for entrusting me with him...he is a dream dog! Debbie"
Debbie and Eagle Jr. - Eagle X Enni -

"Tracking is coming along. I will try a boettcher (sp?) harness for that as the little booger just wants to go. He knows we are tracking and not doing OB the second I take him out of the truck. Today he finished “the track” and then tracked me back to the truck. We are doing all three days with Ivan at the end of the month so I am really praying for all teething stuff to be done. He is funny. I taught him ‘gib laut” for his ball in order to teach him quiet and all that in order to teach him not to cry when he dropped his ball off the bed on purpose or rolled it under the bed on purpose. I should have this on film as it is so comical. Sadly, it is how my puppy amuses himself while I am on the computer(the bed is behind me). Molly, I really do love my little boy and he is as gorgeous as I keep saying. He is not in the general public eye that much, mostly dog people, but I always hear “that is a good looking dog.” And he is a little love even if he does need to learn the art of a nice dog kiss yet and not slamming his teeth into my face…… "
Darcy - J-Isen v Eichenluft - Eagle X Cora

"Hi Molly, I know I have been remiss in staying in touch with you, but just wanted you to know that Hex is alive and kicking. She is an awesome dog! I really love her. And she is gorgeous. I get tons of compliments on her coloring. She has really darkened up and will look just like Eagle, if not darker. She is just so beautiful, with such a great personality. And she has food drive galore. I haven't been doing hardly any training with her and she picks stuff up so quickly. "
Yvette - Hex v Eichenluft -

"Hi Molly, We've just returned home from Tufts where Epic had her hips and elbows x-rayed. As Kandi suggested, we asked for a digital copy so we could forward it to you. As luck would have it we were seeing an orthopedic specialist for Cody, our rescue, and had him look at the film in addition to the regular analyst in the radiology lab. Both said they looked good. So, here's hoping that you agree. We'll let you know when we get "the white envelope" that we've heard about. Incidentally, a number of people asked us why we were getting these done? We replied that the results, while of interest to us, were not something of huge concern to us as Epic is our dog and will always be our dog, and we will take care of her no matter what they say about her hips. We said that we were doing this at our breeder's request because our breeder keeps records of the hips that are produced so as to monitor the quality of the breedings. Each person exclaimed, "Wow, THAT is a very conscientious breeder!" We just smiled because we already knew that... Diane"
Diane - Blackthorn's Epic (Eichenluft bred) -

"He is bright, tenacious, joyful, and PUSHY! You gave us an excellent heads up, and this little guy has not disappointed. It's his way or the highway right down the line. He is, at this point, the most people-oriented pup I've ever owned, kudos to you. In sum, he's been a treat. If we are responsible and intelligent in our handling, we think that he might develop into an exceptional dog. We are very optimistic. I'll continue to throw descriptive posts such as this your way from time to time. If we ever encounter a problem that stumps us, we'll try to avail ourselves of your knowledge. Right now, everything is jake! Allen"
Allen - Blackthorn's Eagle -

"Iago vom Eichenluft SchIII does have a nice ring to it.. thank you for giving me such a good learning tool and absolute best friend Iago and John"
John, Iago v Eichenluft Schh3 -

"Protection - I love this dog! He is so much fun to work with even though he is a knucklehead. Blind search was fast. Bark and hold, as always, was intense, focused and powerful. Very impressive. Strikes were very fast, grips were full, calm and very hard. He is a very serious dog. A little more control and fine tuning and I believe he will consistently V protection. Overall I am very pleased with Jago. He is only 3 yrs old and will continue to improve with consistent training and a little more maturity. I will probably show again in the summer. I will keep you posted. Take care, Glenn"
Glenn - Jago v Eichenluft Schh3 -

" Jago got his SchH 3 this weekend and he is a powerful male. He got a 96 in protection at Regionals as a SchH 2 and High SchH 2 and he got a 95 in protection on his SchH 3 this weekend. His points have been lost in control but he is very young and we have the whole summer to work out the kinks. :) Our whole club thinks the world of Jago and Glenn and hope to see them at the National level soon. Ann Marie"
Ann Marie Chafin Re: Jago v Eichenluft Schh3 -

" We set up for the long bite and then I released the dragon! Kaos does not slow down for a second. He nails the helper like its cool. With a score of 96 I’m thinking, “Holy cow where did this dog come from? If I hadn’t pulled him out of the crate myself I would have swore it wasn’t my dog.” Thank you MOLLY I hope this email brings a smile to everyone because it sure did me. John Siemers and KAOS VOM EICHENLUFT SchH 1, AD "
John - Kaos v Eichenluft Schh3 -

"Well we were on a mission to complete a goal this weekend. Three trials in two months only showed me I have a lot to do. But to make a long story short which I am very good at. 94/89/92, 275, SchH3, High in trial with Nikki Banfield. Thank you Molly, I’ve been told that if I fix a few minor things then I could go to the Nationals! “Yikes!” My first dog trialing at that level I better sit down I’m getting light headed J John and Kaos Von Eichenluft SchH 3 "
John - Kaos v Eichenluft Schh3 -

" The dogs were so great with these very busy toddlers. Bingo just quietly watched it all. Storm was in the middle of everything but was totally calm around the running, screaming kids. If he wasn't with the kids, he was visiting the adults to get some petting. They were over for about 6 hours and the dogs never had their usual afternoon nap. After everyone left and I had cleaned up, I went outside to enjoy the last of the evening. Storm came over and put his head in my lap and said, very clearly: "I want to go to bed." My dogs are wonderful and have my favorite trait: good with kids! v. Storm vom Eichenluft (in training for schutzhund)"
Virginia - Storm v Eichenluft -

"Just wanted to give you a report on puppy Uno. I thought you might be interested in some of the things I have observed in him since you did not get to spend much time with him before he left. He is a great pup with an awesome personality. He is confident for his age and very outgoing. His drives look good, both food and ball drives. He does have super focus and I think he will have a desire to please his handler. He even has a natural retrieve - he will bring the ball back almost every time when we roll it for him. And he likes the tug as well. I have tested him with noises and he seems very sound. He is very curious and willing to investigate new things or places (dark places, small enclosed places, etc.). He has a quick temper if he gets mad at you and does not care to show it, but he is also quick to forgive and does not show resentment."
Cindy - Uno v Eichenluft -

"I do remember the first time I brought Iago back to see Aunt Molly-- I was really kind of proud of the way Iago had bulked up--still thinking in AKC terms that is--Molly looked him and then me and then him and me again and muttered something similar to ( liberal quote) "He's just two tusks short of being an elephant" Needless to say the reality check has been heeded and he now competes at about 70lb. ( he was 89 then) . Words of advice from those in the know are invaluable and I hang on to each and all that Molly volunteers----- the experiance is invaluable as is the absolute concern with each of her " progeny" she has graced us with. By the way Iago just completed his Sch II ( again) Day after Thanksgiving --10 inches of snow 40 mph winds--- competed against 20 dogs--8 of which had been to nationals and regionals----- Managed to get High Obediance with a 91--- tracking was passed -- three of the III's failed so I took solace in the fact that he passed --- Now it's on th the III May 22nd --- the trials open to interested parties--hint hint have a good holidays The Rices and Iago and Mischa "
John - Iago v Eichenluft -

"Happy Birthday to the Q-girls! I've had so much joy interacting with puppy Quelle these past months. We haven't done much more in obedience than come, sitz and platz. She loves two balls (especially when she can nail them both--my own solution is to carry 3 or 4 balls-she's done 3 in the mouth but not 4 yet!). We have been working a great deal during our everyday routine on acclimating her to the tones of my voice--she is quite natural with this and definitely understands happy voice/good dog vs. pfui/cut it out now, all without much stress to either of us (good genes?). I can also rev her up or calm her down by adjusting my voice. She listens at a distance and even will stop chasing game in the field (she is quite the huntress) if I call her. In short, she's becoming my partner-- an extension to where I can't be at any given moment. Can't wait to start her on sheep--gotta get my permanent paddocks up after the spring thaw, and then we're good to go. Hope all the Q girls have extra goodies today! Chris"
Christine - Quelle v Eichenluft -

"Thanks for the great dog. Lynn "
Lynn Harpold DVM, "Payson" Vex v Eichenluft -

"I would without hesitation recommend Molly - Diva is 13 wks old and is just a wonderful (not to mention beautiful) pup! "
Jodi Kaelin, "Diva" Maya v Agassiz-Eichenluft -

" Molly, Thank you for inviting me to do the CGC testing at your E-pup Party. That was the nicest group of dogs that I have ever tested. Your breeding program really shined; they are all wonderful dogs. Congratulations to all the dogs that passed. Thank you Joan "
Joan Dandy, Dandy Dog Training -

"thank you especially for the wonderful pup I have in Gracie! She is everything we wanted!"
Jen, Gnade -

"It is with great pleasure to inform you that Quest has earned an Honorable Mention in the 2006 AKC Awards for Canine Excellence (ACE) Awards in the category of Search and Rescue Dog. Quest's photo along with this years other Honorable Mention recipients will be posted on the AKC website ( in the next few days. Quest was selected among the top dogs in the nation. She will receive a bronze collar medallion commemorating this achievement will be sent to us in the next few weeks. Received a letter containing the above today. Thank you Molly for an awesome dog! Molly next time I see you I will give you a copy of the letter. Sue Keenan K-9 Quest Magnum "
Sue Keenan, K9 Quest v Eichenluft -

"Hello, My name is Gus MARNEL. I am the owner of K-9 Communication L.L.C. I trained John Lo Presti's female Shepherd named Cali, that was purchased from your facility. THAT DOG IS PHENOMENAL !!! "
Gus Marnel -

"Molly, Just to let you know, Cali turned 1 years old last Friday. She is doing great and is very much a part of the family. She listens great, a pleasure to walk and is great with kids. Thanks again for breeding such great dogs, they are a pleasure to own. "
John, Copper v Eichenluft -

"Hi Molly...Just wanted to send an update on Rorie. I stayed at the end of training today and Frank (David) was talking about the dogs in the club...He got to Rorie and said you have a good dog and you don't even realize what a good dog you have. I said Yes I do and he said No ...with an experienced handler that dog could go to the nationals...I wish I was experienced...Karen"
Karen Forbes, Aurora v Eichenluft -

"Molly, The recent visit to your facility was an eye opener for me. I was impressed by the quality and looks of the dogs on the website, but after seeing them in person I am in awe. They are just spectacular dogs!!! Keep up the good work!!!"
Jim -

"Molly, WOnderful breeding program, one of the best in the US"
Chuck, Xinerobella v Eichenluft -

"Molly...thanks for an awesome puppy, Happy confident loves to work and play. She adds life to our house we love her!! Karen and Rorie "
Karen Forbes, Aurora v Eichenluft -

"Hawk is awesome. my dog of a lifetime! He helped me attain my goal of setting foot on a Nationals field. And as Molly likes to maintain close contact with all of her puppy buyers, it has allowed us the chance to become very close friends."
Kandi Jacopino, Hawk v Eichenluft Schh3 -

"Walcko is just what I wanted for my next Schutzhund dog. I have never dealt with someone as honest, ethical, and that has such an overall concern for the GSD breed as Molly. Your dogs are the best! "
Toni Leidtke, Walcko v Eichenluft -

"Molly, obviously since I have bought two outstanding dogs from you, I love your breeding program! And I especially admire the commitment you have to your dogs. You are truly one of a kind! Thank you so much for my wonderful Eichenluft pups!"
Cindy Cobb, Prowler and Denali v Eichenluft -

"Molly, thanks for setting such a high standard for US breeders. Keep up the good work. "
Bob Mitchell -

"Hi Molly just wanted to send you some more pics of the great dog you sold us. We changed his name to Zeus and he is doing wonderful. Him and Seth are two peas in a pod and always together except to sleep. He is so smart and doing wonderful with the crate training and being housebroken, no accidents since that Wednesday the day after we brought him home. I did have him checked that first week by the Vet also and he said he is perfect. Thank you so much. "
Dawn, Magnum v Agassiz -

"Owner of Dugan vom Eichenluft (Eagle x Kobra). I met Molly over 5 1/2 years ago in a very interesting way. I was researching my other German Shepherd's pedigree, seeing Bodo van Tiekerhook. I contacted Koos Hassing of the Tiekerhook Kennel and he advised me that Molly Graf of Eichenluft Kennel had Bodo. I contacted her and she invited me to her home (3 hrs away) to meet Bodo. I was given the opportunity to meet a legendary dog and little did I know, the beginning of a friendship with Molly and her dogs. I recall meeting Eagle for the first time. He was a youngster, 2 years old and I thought to myself, one day, I want a pup from him.... and here I am today, the Mother of an Eagle son. Not many breeders make such close knit friendships with their puppy's owners and do the things she has done for me. I thank Molly for her kindness, honesty, knowledge, ASAP reply emails and phone calls when I had a question (about anything) and the friendship we share AND for allowing me to bring home Dugan- whom is my 3rd son...another friendship that will last a life time. Oh, and thank you Eagle and Kobra for producing yet another excellent offspring...Dugan!"
Brandi Adkins - Dugan v Eichenluft -

"Wanted to just let you know how much we are enjoying Diva. She is such a fantastic pup. She has not had a single accident in the house and sleeps through the night in her crate. She loves her crate and is so good when she goes in. She is so so smart - no surprise to you I know. Last week I taught her to sit and she knows her name pretty well. She loves to swim in the baby pool. She slept through the fireworks last night. Her nerves and her temperment are so solid, its evident even this young! She has been meeting all kinds of people and kids and dogs and has been remarkably well adjusted to all situations. I wanted to send you a few pics so you can see what a pretty girl she is growing up to be! I can't believe how big she is getting!"
Jodi Kaelin, Maya v Agassiz -

"Posted By Steven Igyarto Comment: I fiercely possess an 8 month old pup that I purchased from vom Eichenluft. She came from there healthy, happy, smart and sound and remains so. I would gladly provide a reference, if requested. Thanks, Steve"
Steven Igyarto - Lola v Agassiz -

"Molly, I just had to tell you what awesome dogs you have! I love Adra and Eagle. Hopefully next time I'm looking for a pup you are still breeding. I just wish Eagle would be the daddy. Carolina"
Carolina -

" Hawk and I just got home from a trial at Interstate Schutzhund club in Troy NY. Hawk earned a SchH 3 score of 278, qualifying for the 2006 Nationals in Alabama. His scores were 91-92-95. I was quite proud of him...and the judge and bystanders paid compliments to Hawk's attitude of just enjoying being out there on the field with is always obvious in his expression. :) We also took home High Obedience, High Protection, High SchH3, and High in Trial. :) Kandi"
Kandi Jacopino, Hawk v Eichenluft Schh3 -

"I have met this dog on several occasions now, and I am most impressed with his outstanding temperament, and stunning looks. Michele O Alpenhof German Shepherd Dogs "
Michele O - re: Eagle v Eichenluft -

"Quest did an awesome job this weekend. We got invited to a Law Emforcement Seminar for Trailing/Narcotics the first weekend in August. The instructors were very impressed with Quest as was the other handlers there. Sue Keenan K-9 Quest "
K9 Quest v Eichenluft, Sue Keenan -

"Hi from Mike & Mari :) Haven't heard from you in a while so we thought to tell you hello :) Pyke and Cim have become even more than we ever wished for. They are wonderfull friends. There really isn't any way to describe it except you already know because you helped us meet them. They are wonderfull. Pyke has adopted Mari as I was hoping for and Cim is the crazy lady she has always been and keeps eveything in order. We hope and pray that all of your dreams are answered as you have answered ours. God bless, Mike & Mari"
Pyke v Eichenluft and Cimba v Haus Nepputh -

"there is no better place to go for a pup,in fact it is the only place!!!! John and Teddy "
John , Beowulf v Eichenluft -

"We have Hansl 'Hans v. Eichenluft' Alex v Eisenhaus X Aika v Haus Juris and couldn't be happier...well, maybe if he stopped bringing rocks in to exchange for treats! Barbara"
Barbara, C'Hansl v Eichenluft -

"Molly, Even though I've visited your website many many times I am constantly amazed at the quality dogs that you are breeding. Temperments are outstanding, dogs are extremely social and loaded with all the right drives to do the work we want as well as become loving family members - all this plus they are all so handsome. What more could we ask for! You are doing such a good job with your breeding program and it shows up all the time with all the excellent dogs/puppies that are getting titles and in training in so many different venues. You keep it up girl - there is no end to what you can do and you definitely have the knowledge and motivation to succeed. You also like to be kept up to date on how the puppies are progressing, etc. You have a huge e-pup family now (or should we call ourselves the "Eichenluft Fanclub" ) - just magnificent. I'm so glad to be a small part of this family with my Ari von Rokanhaus (Hawk x Cimba). A huge thanks to you and Kandi for your hard work and dedication to the breed. Elaine"
Elaine Soares, Ari v Rokanhaus -

"I have one of Molly's dogs. She is honest, ethical, an excellent breeder and has been training and titling her dogs for 15 years. You can always get the real deal and straight talk from her. I am thrilled with my 11 month old pup, Dagr. Sincerely, Paul "
Paul, Dagr v Eichenluft -

"I've also been extremely pleased with Molly. My puppy is now 16 months old. Molly always has been interested in whatever Rorie and I are doing and encourages ongoing contact. Rorie is my first schutzhund dog and everyone who has meet her over the past year at my club and seminars has only had positive things to say. Karen"
Aurora v Eichenluft, Karen Forbes -

"I recently got Ghost from Molly and am very glad that I did. She has been really great. Always answering my questions no matter how stupid they may be. She was always very welcoming when we went to visit her as well and really encouraged us to visit as much as we wanted to (or as often as we could...) Kris"
Kris, Ghost v Eichenluft -

"I have been extremely pleased with Molly. She was (and remains) very patient and helpful, answering all my first time pup owner questions (sometimes more than once!!). Molly encourages visits prior to pups - meeting the sire and dam (actually ALL her dogs...horses, birds, cats....), she keeps you posted with the status of the pregnancy and lets you know as soon as the pups are born. Molly welcomes and encourages visits to her facility. Her contract is on her website so you can read her hip guarantee. She also posts the pedigree of all the dogs and you can see the hip history of all of them. What impressed me the most when I visited Molly, one of the pups in my Gracie's litter had blue eyes, their eyes usually change to brown before 8 weeks. I don't know what blue eyes may signify, if anything, but Molly held on to him to make sure he was "okay" before letting him go home with anyone. She truly cares about the placement of her pups, the life they will have and in making a proper match between family and pup. Jen"
Jen Metzger, Gnade v Eichenluft -

"I've talked to Molly(Eichenluft GSD's on a few occasions about breeding to her Bodo v Tiekerhook. She is on the breed committee for the USA. She is a very knowledgable and breed concious person. You can bet that her litter was well thought out, and I would expect all of them to work (not just sport dogs). I've also had some talkings with Koos (owner Tiekerhook kennel), and Molly got some great bitches from him, not to mention he sent her Bodo to live out the remainder of his days as a stud with her. You'd be getting a good dog out of that litter, and she can set you up with what you need (not what you think you need). "

"Very nice and balanced dog. Very social, approachable and awesome in the bitework. Got to see him again at the AWDF this past spring; very nice work. I love this dog. "
re: Eagle v Eichenluft -

"Molly - I know this will sound silly just coming out of the clear blue...... but I just roamed aruond your website today (I've been there many times) and I just have to tell you that I love your dogs. You are doing such a good job with your breeding program and it shows with all the excellent dogs/puppies that are getting titles and in training. You keep it up girl - theres no end to what you can do - and you definitely have the knowledge and motivation to succeed. You have a huge E-pup family now - just magnificent. I'm so glad to be a small part of the family (with my Ari von Rokanhaus). Elaine"
Ari v Rokanhaus (Hawk v Eichenluft X Cimba) -

"She also wants you to know lines of puppies are they similar to Blitz??? Never has she had such an awesome dog. he knew all her thoughts. Molly Theresa wants you to know how vivid your training has come to light. so many people would compliment on him and his beauty. Theresa am so thankful that Theresa took the classes and listened to you. She is so grateful and feels so blessed and it is all because of you!!!!! God bless Jan"
Blitz v Eichenluft (Ike X Pirol v Enclavhof) -

"Well Walcko and I have had a SUPER training weekend, and looking forward to one more day tomorrow. I was able to get someone to take some pictures of us today, so thought I would share them. I attended a protection seminar in Waterloo, Iowa with SV teaching helper Stefan Schaub. He is from Germany and is one heck of a trainer and a really nice guy. He is a military dog handler in Germany and also is very involved in Schutzhund training. He had a real way about him with working each dog, great at reading dogs and doing what they needed. He was also very honest in his opinions about each dog. He LOVED Walcko and came over and asked me about his lines during the lunch break. Turns out his friend owns Walcko's mother's full brother Aaron Granite Rose and he also believes he worked Walcko's mother Cora in Germany! All I can say to that is WOW!!!!! Toni"
Toni Leidtke, Walcko v Eichenluft (Eagle X Cora) -

"everywhere i take Teddy he is so confident in the situation. it amazes me sometimes how aloof he can be.greets people, dogs with his head up and a look that says hello. I LOVE IT,for i have had gsd that just did not have the nerves to do much at all. what a PLEASURE it is to have an Eagle-Cora pup or shall i say an eichenluft gsd.can not beat those genetics not matter what you do. THANK YOU Molly and i do that everyday!!!! John and Teddy"
John, Beowulf v Eichenluft -

"Hi everyone, it's brag time for Java, Haska vom Eichenluft UDX CGC TDI. Yesterday she was entered in the Utility B and Open B classes at the GSDC of N. Va. Fredericksburg, Va. The entry was small, but after a long period of time when Java told me she couldn't do the second 50' "go out" she decided to put everything together. There is a possible 200 points in any AKC obedience class. and in Utility B she received a 191.5 in Open B the score was 194.0. Not spectacular, but she did it for leg number 5 towards the UDX2 title. There were trophies for each class win, a much larger one for the High Combined and a larger trophy, yet, for Highest Scoring Dog in Trial. Her picture was taken with the obedience judge after everything was completed. This is the second time Java has been the High Combined dog and the third time she's been the High in Trial dog at GSD specialties. Java is only 6 years of age, so maybe she can add a few more titles and wins to her credit, and to the credit of the H liter of 2000. Hazel"
Hazel Mosely Java v Eichenluft (Arrow X Orkan) -

"I'll try to get Grizz down your way next month sometime, don't he look great, and getting darker with his lighter mane he is super out did all the rest at school listens real good for 4 month old. loves to ride in the truck, KEN & GRIZZ"
Ken - Grizzly vom Eichenluft (Eagle X Aika) - PA, USA

"Gracie also plays silly games herself. We call one "field hockey". She'll take her squeaky bone or baby doll (fuzzy person shaped squeaky toy) and bat her planet ball around the house. She'll whack it the full distance from front door to kitchen, chase after it, move it out of the corner with her paw and get started again....oh, and this is all done while squeaking the toy!!! We're loving watching her grow and change. She's got an amazing personality!!!"
Jen Metzger - Gnade vom Eichenluft - NJ, USA

"Molly I could have stolen that little girl on the weekend :)) she is gorgeous. Sue had her again at the NADAC trial in Buffalo and they were crated opposite us so I got to see ehr all day Sat and play a bit. She has gotten so big - big feet and looks like she will have substantial bone. She has the most beautiful head though and a sweet face. Funny Sue said she was so biddable until recently when she is showing some stubbornness. I told her that's the DDR/Czech in her :))) Many people were admiring her at the trial. She seems very happy with her new family (both human and dogs)"
Sue re: Fallon v Eichenluft (Eagle X Foxi) -

"While doing my helper certification I was able to watch and work Jago vom Eichenluft. After the dog kicked me around the field I found myself admiring his charachter and presence. Do you know what the rest of the litter was like? How are they producing? Can you provide any information on the dam of this litter? Any information is appreciated and I also have video(not the best) of Jago sucking the life and energy out of me. Thanks in advance, Chris Orkies"
Chris Orkies re: Jago v Eichenluft Schh3,Kkl-1 -

"Molly, thanks so much for Eagle! I think the fact that you are willing to take back any dog, no questions asked shows what an awesome breeder you are!"
Debbie, Tony and "Eagle Jr" -

"Hi Molly...Rorie and I just went to the Bernard Flinks seminar I only went for one day. It was awesome. He said her grips were super and I found out mistakes I'm making Oh well I think I learned a lot. There were some really great dogs and handlers there. A couple of weeks ago I asked Frank (the TD) how Rorie was doing and he said that she was high drive, high ball drive had full calm grips and that everything that she should be showing genetically at her age she is showing and that she is the best bitch in the club and if he could just add a but (I finished it for him the but is me!) And today Greg Doud said she was nice!! (I didn't take any pictures...but I will the next seminar I go to)...Karen"
Karen Forbes and "Aurora v Eichenluft" -

"Molly, last night I showed Warfare's pictures to my daughter Chloe (who just came home for the summer from William & Mary) and she totally fell in love with him. This is a girl raised in among dogs and has as good an eye for structure and movement as anyone. She said (rightly so) that he is gorgeous, and that he looks very happy with his new people. There's a connection there between him and his new mom already that is evident in the photos. As to the rumors, don't even waste a moment's energy on worrying about that. Those of us with Eagle pups see nothing like that going on in our dogs. You are an exceptionally responsible breeder who puts her heart and soul into her breeding program. You can't help what small-minded people will say. Just rise above it and keep on doing what you do. Shannon"
Shannon re: Eichenluft, Warfare v Eichenluft -

"I met Warfare when I was at Molly's. He truly is wonderful! You are so lucky! I have 4 dogs, 2 of which are from Molly. One's name is Aura; she is just over 1-year-old. The other is Griffen and he is just under 4-months-old. My oldest dog is a mutt named Chug who has been featured on Animal Planet and some news publications for his therapy dog work. My second dog is a labrador retrievor named Miles who has been featured in US News and World Report and other publications for his therapy and mobility service dog work. Aura just become therapy dog certified with Delta Pet Partners. If all goes well, (and so far it is) Griffen will be a mobility service animal Leslie"
Leslie Horton, Aura and Griffin v Eichenluft -

"Last night, about 3 AM, Storm came to the side of my bed, just to check on me, I thought. I petted him and told him to go back to sleep. Then I heard him go into the bathroom and then I heard a funny noise. Oh no he is throwing up! Nope, just as I got to the door, he came trotting out with a roll of toilet paper in his mouth. I took it away and told him he was bad and go back to sleep!. I got back in bed but he just stood and looked at me. Then I asked him " Do you want to go out?" Yes yes yes with the we're going to go out dance was the answer. So out for a pee and a poop. Then he went to bed. I don't think he had made the connection between toilet paper and going to the bathroom but he sure knows it gets my attention when he grabs a roll off the holder! v. and the dogs"
Virginia and Storm v Eichenluft -

"Unless you'd *really, really* like the data sooner than two years, I'd prefer to have Hansl 'on the table' once he's grown...and as I've said, this not-so-little man shows nothing to worry me in the least. His tendons and ligaments and joints all seem to be strong and healthy...and yes, I do the chicken-bone-dance regularly praying that all this good stuff continues unimpeded! Besides the miracles and the exceptions, I have a lot of faith in your breeding, and trust you know that, with the serious investment of love, affection and training I make in my dogs. Barbara & GSDs Vita, Blue & Hansl Hans v. Eichenluft (Alex v. Eisenhaus X Aika v. Haus Juris, dob 7/8/05)"
Barbara, C'Hansl v Eichenluft -

"Hallo from Czech.rep. ! Is good hear from you...Your dog is still very interesting in the my program....His bloot from father is very quality DDR line Lord v. Gleisdreieck...line Ingo v. Rudingen....Lord and Ingo were use in the Czech breeding and their descendants in the direct line are very very good dogs....I have good experience with them....I worked 13 years in the Police kennel "z Pohranicni straze" as veterinary service and have big experience with DDR lines and her combination. Info about my kennel Little info about my stud dogs and puppys. I have now new kennel and new sport place.Now is big competitin between quality stud dogs here,but I should always good females for him. Write my please your terms of agreement. Thanks Best Regards Zbynek"
Dino re: Eagle v Eichenluft -

"Dagr is one of the "D" litter born last July. It was an Eagle X Kobra litter. He is about 63 cm in height at the withers and weighs around 65-67 lbs. at 10 months. Never had to house break or crate train him. He just did it exactly right at 8 weeks. He is ball crazy and would play fetch all day. We always get compliments from people when out for a walk. That is what you can expect too. I'm sure of it. Regards, Paul"
Paul, Dagr v Eichenluft -

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