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"I will tell you now that in approximately 4 years, I would like another one just like her from you! So, put me on your wait list! Anyway, I will send you pictures and tell you more about her in a coming e-mail. She is incredibly drivey and definitely needs a job. "
Yvette, Hex (Eagle X Kobra) -

"Hi Molly, I know I have been remiss in staying in touch with you, but just wanted you to know that Hex is alive and kicking. She is an awesome dog! I really love her. And she is gorgeous. I get tons of compliments on her coloring. She has really darkened up and will look just like Eagle, if not darker. I will send you a pic when I get to taking a recent one. She is just so beautiful, with such a great personality. And she has food drive galore. I haven't been doing hardly any training with her and she picks stuff up so quickly. Hope all is well with you. Will send you a photo soon. "
Yvette, Hex (Kobra X Eagle) -

"thanks for all the info. i understand temperment and colors will change drasticly, this is all very exciting. the more you explain , the more i like to hear. to own a dog of this caliber , and knowing he should be able to learn anything i'd like to teach , just gives me goosebumps. anyway, this is getting better and better! thank you molly, gus"
Gus and Kosta (Eagle X Aika) -

"Hi Molly, I wish I had a scanner here because I have some great pictures of him. He has been a perfect little boy. There is not one thing I would change about him. He has been getting exposed to everything and handling it all. I have been taking him to the playground most days. I have never seen a dog that liked the slide so much. I will spare you too many more details and just say we are all very happy to have him and I think he is quite happy too. Thanks, Michelle & Joss. "
Michelle, Joss (Eagle X Cora) -

"FINALLY got up to joe gribben's place with banshee tonight and she totally ROCKED!!! she was absolutely awesome! she had her turn after a rottie and a bouvier, and (not to sound obnoxious) but she came out and just said, "that's nice boys and girls, but stand back and watch the shepherd show you how it's done!" lol seriously molly, she was SO into it, i got goosebumps watching her! holding onto this 75 pound teenage puppy when she's fired up is a major challenge. i'm already sore! i don't know how you ever hang onto eagle! joe really liked her. she made a ton of noise, completely unafraid of the whip, hard driving, hard bites, etc. he said bite work is going to be easy with her. he did say to keep an eye on her in some situations as she matures, because she could probably be in this for real, and just to be aware of her body language around people who are acting in a potentially threatening manner. it was just really exciting. worth the long drive and money! shannon and banshee (eagle x cora, the first encore) "
Shannon, Banshee (Eagle X Cora) -

"We've just returned home from Tufts where Epic had her hips and elbows x-rayed. As Kandi suggested, we asked for a digital copy so we could forward it to you. As luck would have it we were seeing an orthopedic specialist for Cody, our rescue, and had him look at the film in addition to the regular analyst in the radiology lab. Both said they looked good. So, here's hoping that you agree. We'll let you know when we get "the white envelope" that we've heard about. Incidentally, a number of people asked us why we were getting these done? We replied that the results, while of interest to us, were not something of huge concern to us as Epic is our dog and will always be our dog, and we will take care of her no matter what they say about her hips. We said that we were doing this at our breeder's request because our breeder keeps records of the hips that are produced so as to monitor the quality of the breedings. Each person exclaimed, "Wow, THAT is a very conscientious breeder!" We just smiled because we already knew that..."
Diane, Epic (Eagle X Enni) -

"Hi Everyone! It is with great pleasure to inform you that Quest has earned an Honorable Mention in the 2006 AKC Awards for Canine Excellence (ACE) Awards in the category of Search and Rescue Dog. Quest's photo along with this years other Honorable Mention recipients will be posted on the AKC website ( in the next few days. Quest was selected among the top dogs in the nation. She will receive a bronze collar medallion commemorating this achievement will be sent to us in the next few weeks. Received a letter containing the above today. Thank you Molly for an awesome dog! Molly next time I see you I will give you a copy of the letter. Sue Keenan K-9 Quest Magnum "
Sue, Quest (Adra X Sid) -

"Nikki is a wonderful dog and we are really enjoying her. She has adapted without a hitch. Her tooth came out around the first of this year. Thanks for advising me to wait on it. We had our first major snowstorm today - about two or three inches. Nikki loves it. Thanks again for such a fantastic girl! She is such a delight to have around. By the way, she was 59 lbs. last Monday."
Ilene, Nikki -

"she's doing great and is so sweet...we love her so much. ~Bonny"
Bonnie Wright "Ali" - Gobi X Geronimo

"Darcy and Isen did super. Isen is a very nice boy - many people offered to take him off her hands at training today. one of the e-dogs did their mom proud!"
J-Isen v Eichenluft (Eagle X Cora) -

"Hi Molly: You may not remember me, but I emailed you last spring about a black German Shepherd we had taken in and the destruction she was doing in the house and, in fact, you were willing to take her, but I was able to persuade my husband to give her a second chance. Well, I just wanted to let you know, that Cheyenne is doing wonderful. We crated her like you said when we were not home. We weaned her from the crate in September and we have not had any problems at all. She is more social, i.e. with the other two dogs. In fact, her and Guinevere (the Jack Russell) are best buddies. She is just about the friendliest dog I have ever been around and she's smart too. I just wanted to let you know that things turned out great for us and Cheyenne. Thanks for your help and advice. Kim Bard"
Kim -

"If you are looking for a good working line pup, talk to Molly on this board. She may not have pups available now, but I LOVE her lines, and what she produces. I would wait anyday for one of her pups if I was in the market for a pup. Look her up!"

"We love watching life through Gracie's eyes. We cannot thank you enough for choosing us to be Gracie's home. We love her so much and she brings us so much joy. Jen, Tim and Gracie"
Jen - "Gracie" (Eagle X Aika) -

"Thank you so much for Dakota. She is an awesome dog and we all love her. Joan "
Joan and Dakota (Eagle X Kobra) -

"Eichenluft is one breeder who breeds from stock who are accomplished and she endeavors to sell to people who will do something with her pups."

"Hi Molly... I just wanted you to know that as Rorie approaches 2 if I was doing it all over I'd just pick Rorie faster!! She's such a smart girl and I'm having such fun with her. She plays the game and will drop the ball in the dryer, the dishwasher, or the chair. She'll sit by the door with her ball and bark she loves to work. Tracking is coming along... hopefully we'll be ready for the B by spring Have a Merry Xmas...karen and rorie"
Karen Forbes - Aurora (Iwo X Hellequin) -

"V-Eagle v Eichenluft Schh3-FH-IPO3, KKl-1 Eagle is number one on my list of my favorite top 5 USA bred Schutzhund dogs , and he is a phenomenal representative of the German Shepherd Schutzhund Dog ! Eagle in Protection has a nice full vice grip every time , even in the drives and long bite , Hard ,fast ,extreme, strikes every time that can put any great helper in a odd position to work this dog . He hits like a run away train and always hits the center of mass on the man making it hard to pivot him to go into the drive . He can take pressure from the helper and will not blink under stress of the stick . Clear in the head and this makes him such a good dog for people and the family to be around . In Obedience Molly and Eagle are harmony in motion and is always a highlight to see , his Obedience is a dance, not a drill. Eagle is very consistent in the Obedience and has worked really well each time I have seen him work . Eagle in tracking is such a joy to watch with high scores that shows he is very consistent in the track. What last words come to mind when I think of Eagle is Power in Protection ! In Obedience he is entertaining , In Tracking he is intense ! As far as structure well what can I say Nice larger Blocky head and a body and color to die for ! V it says it all for a working line ! If you are looking for a Top working line stud in the USA look no farther Eagle v Eichenluft will fit the bill . Anyone would be proud to own a puppy out if this once in a life time male . Molly thank you for letting me work with your pride and joy , you should be proud to own him ! Thank you Timothy J. Helser "
Tim re: Eagle -

"the reason Grif has a harness on is because I have MS... he is in training to be my second mobility service dog...Miles, my yellow lab, is my current dog. However, with my job of being the Animal Assisted Care Coordinator and my interim job of being clinical manager of the Inova Fairfax Emergency Department and running my dog training business and going to school for my master's degree, etc! :)! I feel the need to have two working dogs. Miles works from 6 am to 10 pm several days in a row to help me walk; to pick up anything I drop; to take me up the stairs; to get me things when I am bedbound. On top of that, he sees our patients in the hospital. Grif is currently being trained to do all of those things as well. Aura, my other GSD from Molly, is a certified therapy dog, but a little small for mobility assistance work. Grif is wearing his harness now and can propel me to help me walk, but is just now beginning his soft-mouth training to do pickups and retrievals. I am very fortunate to know Molly and have the joy of owning two of her dogs and getting to share them with others in my every day job!"
Leslie Horton - Griffin (Eagle X Aika) -

"She is growing in leaps and bounds and is she smart! She learned to trick Winston and grab toys as well as when to let him alone. She loves to play with the cats and also seems to know when they have had enough. She has her own basket of toys which she delights in spilling and carry everything all over the place. She goes to the door when she needs to go out and we have had only an occasional accident. (And those have been because of human error.) She is a love and we are very lucky to have her. I can't thank you enough for allowing her to be sold as a pet. "
Annabelle (Gobi X Geronimo) -

"She has adapted so nicely. She is wonderful. Ilene"
Ilene - "Nikki" -

"Thanks again for a wonderful puppy! She is fantastic and I am so pleased. "
Ilene Newman - Nikki -

"I met and married my husband while Crackers was alive. It was his first GSD and she got him hooked. After those two animals we had a hard time finding a GSD breeder we were happy with. We have had 3 of Molly's dogs since then, so I think you know how we feel about Eichenluft pups."
Diane - Epic and Viking v Eichenluft -

"if you (are looking for) a working line stud in the USA who is good looking structurally with a large head and has great joints and perfect temperament (totally sane dogs that can live with your family and excel in Sch also), then V Eagle Eichenluft is a good choice. "
Preston re: Eagle v Eichenluft -

"She is such a good girl, smart, very food and toy motivated, fearless in any situation, good around people and other dogs, and very goofy. She is so much fun to work, and is really enjoying her agility and obedience classes. We may take a break from them til she matures a bit more, and start more tracking. "
Sue and Fallon (Eagle X Foxi) -

"Molly; Quest is the December "Pet of the Month" at our Vet. Hospital.There is a picture of Quest with her AKC "ACE"Award and a close up picture of the Medallion. Go to Sue Keenan K-9 Quest"
Sue and Quest (Adra X Sid) -

" I am sure you know how awesome Eagle's pups are but I can't help a little bragging anyhow. Joss is not an ordinary GSD, he has not gone through any of the barking or nervous stages. He is so easy that sometimes I think I have a Golden. He reminds me he is not a Golden when he tracks deer. We live near the State game lands so I posted a note that said if you can't find your deer call me. We have been tracking deer almost every day this week. I am sure it is not the way you want it for showing, he is a little fast and he won't let the shooter near it until I tell him OK. I have not yet seen anything that he will back down to. Last night we tracked in the dark for a huge guy that was made even bigger by his hunting cloths. The man came up on us after we found the deer. Joss stood his ground with no fear. I don't know how to train him properly for protection but, given his disposition it would be a sin not to work with someone. michelle & joss"
Michele and Joss (Eagle X Cora) -

"WOW, Molly. The pix of your and Eagle's "last performance" actually brought tears to my eyes. I only wish I could have been there to see it in person. The relationship you have with your great dog is so clear, so impressive even in photographs, you two are an absolute joy to behold. The bond, and the harmony displayed because of that bond, will remain in my mind, and doubtless the minds of everyone who witnessed every one of your and Eagle's performances, throughout your careers together... forever. Scores don't matter except in competition. What matters is the "predicate"... "the overall picture of dog and handler, joyful and harmonious." This is what the breed we so love, and our relationship with the dogs we love, is all about. Super job, you two. You left he field the same way you entered it.. so many years ago... TOGETHER, perhaps for the last time in a major "public" forum... but clearly no differently than any other day. Hats off to you both! Shelley Strohl"
Shelley Strohl re: Eagle -

"yes molly has some of the best quality i've seen in a very long time ! gus "
Gus Marnel - Kosta v EIchenluft (Eagle X Aika) -

" I'm Debbie and I have Eagle...aka Junior. He is from the Eagle x Ennie cross. I feel very blessed to have got him from Molly! He is smarter than anyone two or four legged or feathered that lives here! LOL! He is primarily a pet, but he takes his responsibility of watching out for his Mom very serious! Don't try to come in the gate unannounced! You will be met by 90 pounds of very serious Eagle in your face! My s/o is a truck driver and gone more than home. We do tracking and obedience for fun. I use to be involved in Schutzhund in Minnesota, but now live in rural Ohio. My only dogs in the future will be Molly dogs! "
Debbie, Blackthorns' Eagle -

"at the 2006 Schh3 Nationals, the helpers chose a few dogs that in their opinion were the hardest-biting, best gripping dogs in the trial. It was a short list, and the dogs were Eagle v Eichenluft (bred by myself), Eumah v Patiela (bred by Ajay Singh), Rasta and Rocky Germelhaus (bred by Melodee Middleton of CA) and Rob Dunn's dog Zico. "
Eagle v Eichenluft -

"I commend the breeders like Molly, Ajay and others that walk a fine line between Work/Structure. To have a balance to produce a GSD that not only can have impressive scores at a National level but also have a respectful show rating. "
Uwe Doose -

"She really is a joy to have around and she is starting to warm up now...climbing in laps and pawing for attention and even the occasional lick now. I can hardly believe it given that she was not an overly affectionate pup at first. I have another Coranator I was putting clothes in the washing machine, which is in my garage off of my kitchen (which is also the door that Cora opens very well). Joe's friend, Barney, came by and just walked into the open garage bay door while I was loading. Cora was out there with me and she cornered him pretty quickly. I turned around and she was barking and putting herself very much in his space. It is good to finally have something good on this guy. He is a SEAL and a real tough guy type, but he wanted none of Cora. "
Nikki re: Cora, retired breeding female -

" ..., I can tell you (and I know whereof I speak ) that regardless of any performance anywhere Eagle is a very good , OK great, dog. He bites very well, takes pressure very well and, when things are right outs like a dream. As far as not outing at the nationals…as a friend of mine always says “they do that” . It’s no reflection on either Molly or Eagle..they just “do that”."
Jim Baldwin -

"Yep he is. Joe Gribben has nothing but high praise about Eagle. Said he hits the sleeve like a freight train and even through the sleeve can leave bruises. Said he knows how to use his strength and weight to get what he wants. Said Eagle is the only dog to ever pull Joe down on his face in a trial (and for those who don't know Joe, he's a big strong guy). He also said he could tell who Banshee's dad is by her bites. Which makes me very happy. And yep "they do that." Just like dogs in other sports have those moments when things don't go as planned. I say it's classic of Eagle to go out of the sport refusing to stop doing what he loves best -- BITING THAT SLEEVE!!! (You can have that sleeve back when you pry it out of my cold dead jaws.....) Shannon and Banshee "
Shannon and Banshee (Eagle X Cora) -

"Noble got her IPO2 this weekend, under judge Dr. Michel Boisseau. "
Lisa Freeney - Noble (Gustl X Zeke) -

" Banshee is gorgeous. I admit I am biased, but she is super glossy shiny black, with red ears, sort of silvery ruff and tail feathers, reddish legs. She's just beautiful. Of course it's that attitude that I love the most. She just goes, "Yep, I can do that," to whatever we try."
Shannon - Banshee v Eichenluft (Eagle X Cora) -

"this dog is amazing !! from a professional standpoint, watching behavior, outgoing-curious-fearless-, now combine that with enormous intellect, you get superpuppy !!! we are madly in love with this dog. wanted to get you up to date with our little guy. also, he's 36 pounds. thanks, regards, gus"
Gus - Kosta v Eichenluft (Eagle X Aika) -

" I love seeing your puppies grow up in the photos section on the board. Everyone raves about YOU, as well as their new pups from your kennel. In my own GSD search, I'm learning how special it really is to find a caring, conscientious breeder! Thank goodness for breeders like you. PLEASE don't change."
Patty -

"Bo is doing great. He is huge. I'm not sure which is more out of proportion with his body, his ears or his paws... He is completely house trained at this point and is mastering a few simple commands. He really is a great traveler and goes with us whenever possible. I take him to pick up my little girl from school frequently, so he gets a lot of exposure to children then. We just love him and couldn't imagine the family without him. Thank you for taking such care in selecting him specifically for our family. It is a perfect fit!"
Jen, Kojak "Bo" (Eagle X Aika) - Cincoteague, VA

"Hi Molly, We went to training last night. Everyone thought he was a very nice puppy. Confident, friendly, good drives and also very good looking. Anyway I like him very much and hope I do well with him. I will keep you updated and send the odd picture His ears are almost up now (up and down really). Thanks Bev."
Bev - Kieran v Eichenluft (Eagle X Aika) - Canada

"I am so in love with this girl!! I expected a nice dog but I got so much more. She has completed our lives. "
Jen Metzger re: "Gracie" (Eagle X Aika) -

"SG1 Kougar vom Eichenluft!! winner of Untitled Adult male class under Koermeister Wilfred Scheld at the Mid Eastern Regional Conformation Championships, July 17-19, 2003 in Franklin Kentucky Herr Scheld - "it is extremely rare to see a dog of these lines and in this color with such correct size, such correct structure and such correct movement ... a dog of all working lines with excellent conformation""
Herr Scheld re: Kougar (Xito X Arrow) -

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